Man Jumps Into Icy Water To Save Stranger's Drowning Dog

 It’s hard to say what we'd do in a life or death situation to save a pet; those that do earn the title of‘ idol’. 


 Don Chatten was out walking his two pets in Buffalo, New York, on a plaintively cold day when a woman asked for his help chancing her small canine. 

He did n’t vacillate to help her but when he eventually located the missing doggy, he realized the peril and knew he'd to act presto. 


 The canine had fallen into icy waters in Ellicott Creek Park and Don knew he did not have time if he was going to save her. 

 According to WKBW News, Don called 911 but stewing they may be too late decided to help the canine himself. 


 He tried to crawl across the ice, but it gave way plunging him midriff-deep into the icy waters. 

 “ I knew it was not realy deep in this part because I used to come ,” Don told WKBW News. 


 The  canine was also taken to the vet to be checked over, according to the news station. 

 Find out further about the heroic conduct of this idol in the clip below. 

 Please partake this post to pay homage to beast idol Don! 

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