Passing Train Collided Into Baby & They Didn’t Have The Tools To Save Her Life

 The poor clinic begged for help to save the puppy's life but the nearest animal hospital was hours away.

A pup who was floundering to survive on her own had been hit by a train. The impact on her bitsy body was enough to kill her – but this pup wasn't going down without a fight. 

 She was small, still alive, but gravely injured. A kind woman dipped her up and took her to the clinic.


 The clinic was in a poor area of Thailand where they only had the rudiments. They could give her IV fluids and drug for pain. But they weren't equipped to help her any farther. 



 She demanded surgery in order to survive. Her case took to social media, contending for someone to take her to Bangkok where she could get the proper care she demanded. 

 someone saw her story and agreed to take her all the way to Bangkok. The pup arrived at the pets sanitarium where they rushed her into surgery. 


 She demanded a leg reattached. Infection had set in and there was no other choice. petss do veritably well on three legs and this girl would too. 

 After surgery, she began to acclimate to life on three legs. She responded veritably well. Her appetite was good as well as her spirits. 

Pets noway fail to dumbfound us! Astonishingly, just two days after surgery, the little doggy learned how to walk again! 

 As the videotape below says, “ she learns to live with three legs (but) she’s full of stopgap.” Soon, a family heard all about the stalwart doggy and wanted to take care of her. They promised to give her the life she deserves. 

 Once she was medically cleared, she went to live with her new family. They ate her with open arms. 


 She was thrilled to have a place to call home and meet all these nice humans who only wanted to love her. It’s amazing what love can do, especially to a canine that lived an uncertain life. 


 The bitsy pup went from floundering to survive to a stable home filled with warmth, steady refections, and lots of love. The three-lawful survivor is growing up presto and has no idea she’s any different. 

We're so thankful that this little girl survived and is now thriving! Look at how big she got! 

 We hail her saviors who noway gave up. We're so thankful for the clinic that kept her stable until she was transferred, and to the staff who did her surgery in Bangkok. 

 So numerous humans came together to help this meritorious girl. We couldn’t be more pleased to see her healthy and happy! 

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