Puppy crying over his dead mother and brother

It’s full of gashes and heartbreaking and so important pain when the poor of three puppies won’t leave their dead mama and family after being run over by auto since the night until morning. 


 The puppies were crying and suckling their dead mama’s body that they were so empty spooked but nothing plant and helped them until beast suckers came. 

The puppies have been saved and they were transferred to the sanctum by  pet suckers to find the warmest love and food to make them recover. 


 Eventually, three of them were fully survived and being lived with good life in sweet ever home noway back to suffer again. 

the puppies re doing well, they start eating and playing .

We thankful to these generous person who done a great job of making new life and stopgap for the poor puppies and restore our faith in humanity. 

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