Rescue Poor Puppy was Abandoned and Survivor in Deep Snow at minus 11 degrees | Heartbreaking

Poor Pup was Abandoned and Survivor in  Snowy weather  at minus 11 degrees,it's Heartbreaking 

in 11 degrees outdoors. she survived two nights … someone found her and took her to t the veterinarian’s office. 

this canine was suffering alone ,without food , home to stay in or love.

statying alive in such conditions was like magic. that mean only one thing, this dog want to live .

her body temperature is 32.9, normal body temperature would be 38, the veterinarians did everything they could to help her ( warm infusion etc). 


 she’s a little girl 6.9 kg total weight, roughly 3 years old, no one in the area knows her so we assume that she was abandoned and didn't know how to forfend for herself and how to take care outdoors. 

now she is doing well, being better with her new home and friends .

she is safe 

enjoying her life 

she is now safe and in a warm place and people who found her promise that they will do anything to help her get back on her little paws! 

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