Rescue Poor Puppy With Huge wound on his body in very critical condition

Guys we've no words to describe. The pup got hit by car .

We take it and run to the clinic. We know the situation out there's terrible right now, but we're still have hope to save him. Internal organs was completely hurted.

  Common disturbance or fracture  wasn't clear. The good news she ate, weigh 2 kg, and the tail is grim" back and forth" at any approach of a person.


  Her recovery was awful. We're so happy for her now because she is better . I know that she was born by a happy star.

Because she'll have nonage, a happy, pup nonage, no one will dare to take it down. Numerous thanks to everyone who's near,

  to everyone who writes similar warm and kind words for Shmelechka Information Credit

Thanks for all Rescuer & Donation which help to save her.

now she is in a good health living in lovely house.

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  • Anonymous October 7, 2023 at 5:50 AM

    Pure scum like those lot must gat hunted down.Thee criminals in thesr cases ARE allowed to walk while the in ocent victims ARE left to suffer, or die in agony.


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