She cried on the street seeking help for hours with her fragile breath

poor stray dog full of fluid received trearment can't wait to see her recovery

it's been shocked, someone found a stray dog was sleeping so poor..under the sun near a court at Sia Noi, Thailand and it's too hot.

At firt they though she is pregnant but it's really pain that the poor dog was having full of fluid in her abdomen..

and she was in a terrible condition even so weak. She was sent to animal clinic at Ban Nong Pru, Cho Buri, Thailand whilst her abdomen was too big.

Doctores have drained out the fluid around 2.5 liters and even gave some pills.  

However, after drained out thr fluid she's getting better...and we hope medication will treat her back to normal soon.

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  • Anonymous May 19, 2022 at 12:27 AM

    Love grazie


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