Stray Dog Dragging the Enormous Tumor on the Ground for Long Time No One Help

 We got a report about a poor homeless dog , dragging the biggest tumor on the ground

Animal Kingdom foundation went to there to help and ground her to the Vet for checking and treatment 

The dog named HOPE , in the first day : initial assessment was done today and test was made .

She has started with antibiotics already and now being nursed back to good health, She 'll be reassessed after few days or week to determine when she's ready for the big surgery.

after many days , they did the surgery and the tumor out !.

The vet decided to do the surgery  early because hope was already chesing on the tumor hanging from the stomach .

The 2.6 kg mass taken out aftermore than 3 hours of surgery . She now also spayed, Hope is now  recovering and being monitored 27/7 .

After  7 days  we can't wait to see her running jumping and playing. She eats well and we pray for her fast recovery .

Hope says thank you to everyone who eelped and prayed for her 

After 2 months , She is better ,playing and running easly and living in a warm house with lovely family

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