The cute dog refuses to go anywhere from the hospital without his owner who unluckily passed away because of COVID-19

 Here is a tale about a canine whose proprietor passed on from Covid. He was taken to a clinic 5 days prior yet unfortunately he died in China.

His canine named Xiao Bao was just 7 years old. The meaning of his name is "Little fortune".

The cleaner of the clinic said that the canine was in the emergency clinic constantly and doesn't have any desire to go. He would not leave the medical clinic without his proprietor. He didn't surrender.

As there were grievances associated with the canine standing or strolling in the hall the emergency clinic staff called creature insurance association to take the charming canine.

Indeed, even it was fairly hard to persuade the canine to accompany them yet they succeeded.

We trust the canine will be taken on and soon he will have an exquisite permanent spot to live.

Here is the video of the canine:

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