The dog did not understand why its owners did not need it

 For a long time, a canine ran after the retreating auto, which soon ran out of strength. From that moment, the pet became homeless. The possessors of the pet decided to move from the farm to the city and abandoned the poor canine right on the road. 


 Timber ranger Andrey, who lives coming door to these people, witnessed the woeful scene. The man formerly had one canine, but he couldn't remain indifferent to the fate of the devoted pet. He left the house and  called the canine  , but it didn't come to  the neighbor but ran along the road. 

The geste of the canine surprised Andrey, but he still decided not to leave the pet alone on the road. In the evening, the hunter noticed that someone was lying outside the gate. When he got closer, he saw the same canine. Supposedly, the poor canine returned, hoping that this place would be the safest for her. The man tried to call the canine to him again. This time the pet trusted the neighbor and went into the yard. 


 It took a little time for Andrey’s canine to get used to the new pet . The proprietor allocated a separate coliseum to each pet to avoid quarrels between them but his canine allowed the new canine to eat from his coliseum.