Tiny Puppy With Bad Condition, Crying Because Abandoned At The Market

 Meet Willow! Willow was abandoned in a corner of the request, the baby cried a lot. She's panicky and shy. The baby's condition isn't good. I rushed her to the nearest vet. 

Her temperature was critically low. Her heart beat faint. She'd had a hypoglycaemic occasion! Her extremities cold as ice and turning grandiloquent. 

My heart was breaking! As she lay on the heat pad she had a seizure … 

her health  wasn't good. and she was so tired and can't walk.

We did our best to help hep , the vet give her some vitamines , She felt better

But she was so sad ..she felt alone because she was abandoned at market.

I took her to my home , to take care of her and to give her the love that she deserve. 
After few days , she become better , she is playing and enjoying her life in the new house .

She is lovely , and deserve all love