Volunteers carried out a rescue operation in a breeding farm and saved 108 abused dogs

pets in a pup shop have a veritably bad place for veritably bad living conditions. They hardly get indeed the most introductory need for life then. Everything is dirty, not maintained, they're closed in narrow spaces. They don’t  get clean water. Veterinarians don’t come  at all. 

 As soon as Operation Cavalier Rescue plant out about the planned transaction where 108 small puppies would end up at the pup miller’s, they incontinently set about contriving a plan to deliver them. 


 It was soon done, so all the heretofore abandoned and neglected tykes now had their new homes and a beautiful future. 

 A narrow space where poor little pets are crammed. 


 The man who raised the little puppies had planned to vend them to a pup miller, luckily he failed. 


 A lot of poor pets had lackly  vision due to the infections they got. 

 Some were covered in feces over their bodies. 

 Operation Cavalier Rescue, with the help of the people, managed to get all the finances demanded to win over all the puppies that end up in a unborn transaction. 

 They had over $ within 11 days. 


 Surgery is coming soon. 



 Angie Ingram, who innovated Cavalier Rescue, along with her platoon didn't hide their enthusiasm for the support they admit every day. 

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  • Unknown
    Unknown January 5, 2022 at 12:47 PM

    there are some sick evil people in the world my friend had one delivered to his home and i refused to let the other one go she was a cavi in a urine soaked cat carrier and very sick she had pneumonia i sat nursing her day and night but glad she had a forever loving home till we had to part hang them is what i say


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