Watch What Happens when Labrador, Betrayed by the Owner, Feels Love Again

 we were told about a labrador with a broken back... The owners tied him near the vet clinic and left. 

We immediately drive there for him. we were told that this dog was hit by a car about a year ago 

her owners expected him to recover without vet help but year later, the dog still didn't recover... he can't walk, he can't control urinary.

The owner got tired of taking care about him and brought him to the clinic for euthanasia. after the vet refused to euthanize the dog, the owner just left the dog near clinic.

His name is lucky...but this name didn't bring him luck, so we give him a new name. We name him Alex and today he starts a new life .

We arrived to the vet clinic for a check up .the vet said that if Alex recieved medical treatment right after the injury , he would walk on his own now  but since too much time has passed since then, he can only walk in wheelchair . Alex has bladder infection, skin problems , his condition is poor .
he need special care... He remains at the clinic to get all the necessary medical care .

3 weeks later ,He is better

it's a special day for him.. He is running for the first time after injury ... He has a new friend Lada .
He is so happy , and he enjoys every second of his new life.

And now time his first walk , Alex is so playful, he loves toys, his favourite is a ball .
We re happy that we were able to rescue Alex and change his life 

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