9 Year Old Raises Almost $80,000 To purchase Bullet Proof Vests For Police Dogs

 Lots of youthful kiddies dream of getting police officers when they grow up but this 9-years-old is presently seeking for police divisions. 



 Brady Snakovsky, of Strongsville, Ohio, isn't your average third grader. With big pretensions of getting a bobby, when Brady saw that a K-9 on his favorite bobby show, Live PD, wasn't wearing a pellet evidence vest, he wanted to do commodity about it. 


 Brady decided to ask his mama if they might buy a vest for a K-9 in need. Brady and his mama fleetly learned that the vests were really expensive so they started thenon-profit, Brady’s K9 Fund, and launched a Go Fund Me design. 


 The design has been veritably successful until now. According to his mama, Leah Tornabene, they've raised  ineresting  shiffre and have bestowed 79 vests to colorful police, including the Mendon Police Division that twittered 

.” K9 Policeman Pichel and K9 Brady would like to thank a veritably special boy, Brady Snakovsky. Brady bestowed a LOF Defence Road Fighter Vest to the Mendon Police Division K9 System.#BradysK 9Fund.”. *

You can find out further about Brady and his amazing thing to insure all K-9 policemans have vests eventually on his Go Fund Me runner. 



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  • Anonymous July 6, 2022 at 11:01 AM

    A nice young man, I just hope the world is a better place to live in by the time he old enough to pursue his dream.


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