A Female Dog Is Discovered Abandoned In The Woods Surrounded By Vultures

 The dramatic swell in the number of predators swarming their area in Greensboro, North Carolina, astonished residers. They were taken suddenly when they saw the scavengers clustered around an abandoned Hole Bulldog named Lilo, who had been chained and manhandled in the frigid forestland for weeks by her proprietor. 



 Pets rights lawyers were quick to notice a print of Lilo girdled by predators. They discovered Lilo was always manacled and demanded food and water. Her precarious situation made her sick, and the predators were attracted to the reek of corruption. 

 The predators’ portentous presence saved this 8-month-old when authorities arrived to deliver her. The Merit Hole Bull Foundation took her in and handed her with a full mess and a bath for the first time in her life. She was first alarmed of persons and the sight of neighborhoods. She'd spend the entire day hugging her caregivers for comfort. 

 Couple Keana Lynch and Travis Henley have espoused Lilo and promised to help her heal from the physical and internal trauma. Meanwhile, the authorities are probing the case of her neglect and abuse, and are looking for any information on the case. Spread the word. 


 Click on the videotape below to watch Lilo’s laborious trip as she fought the door of death. 

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