A Shelter Dog With a Unique Face Just Wants To Be Loved

 What you see is what you get with Aardvark a funny, sweet doggy who's just as awful on the inside as he's on the outside. 

 Aardvark was saved as a slapdash on the thoroughfares of Baltimore City by a Good Samaritan in January and transferred to the Maryland SPCA (MDSPCA). The help at the sanctum could n’t believe their eyes when they spotted a 50-pound canine with a cartoon face and flipper-suchlike paws. 

 Brittany Roger, a digital expert with the MDSPCA, told The Dodo, “ Actually, nothing could take him seriously.” “ His appearance and personality inspired a lot of horselaugh.” 

 Aardvark was just 8 months old when he was examined by the sanctum’s veterinarians, and his little lower jaw had been with him from birth. “ Utmost people believe he was in some kind of accident,” Roger explained. “ Still, they're incontinently relieved to learn that he was just born that seductive.” 


 Aardvark’s facial disfigurement noway seems to bother him or get in the way of him being a veritably good boy. “ Not only does he eat well, but he also likes to bite on effects — however not destructively,” Roger said. “ He’s happy and healthy, which makes his goofiness indeed more endearing.” 

 Aardvark’s laidback nature is the only thing nicer than his fascinating aesthetics. The unusual canine just appears to be pleased to be in the presence of people who watch about him and love his company. 


 Roger described him as “ a lively, joyous, gregarious little boy.” “ We've a lot of fun dressing him up and taking him around since he is n’t bothered by anything.” 

 Unfortunately, Aardvark has had a delicate time chancing a ever home. He’s a “ one-size-fits-all” canine who’s “ so chummy that (he) could come musketeers with a slipup wall,” according to the sanctum, but implicit adopters keep letting him down. 

“ He’s had a many operations, but they keep falling through for one reason or another,” Roger explained. “ It’s not his fault, but he’s been dealt a lousy hand.” 


 Hopefully, Aardvark will find a home soon and be suitable to give all of his love to someone who recognizes him for the unique canine that he is. 

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