After He Broken Spine & Paralyzed, They Dumped him on the Field Far From Residential Warming Ending

 Someone call us for help, they plant a poor paralyzed canine on the field far from civilization.

He was suffering from severe pain


 What happed? Whether he was hit or brought and left with a injured chine, we will noway know that. 

 Why they can left the poor soul there because they parralyzed? I've no word to say about mortal! He's awful, awful character, about 2 years old. Despite paralyzed he still smile and friendly with us! We took him to the vet for checking and treatment. 

The poor canine had only bones and skins, paralyzed 2 back legs. We named him is DIEGO! 

W ray showed that diego was broken spine and must surgery immediately, his chance for walking again is little .

the surgery is done successful ! Our diego is in good health  , after The surgery , We can't believe  that Diego is standing on his feet again .

The mission on the back legs have been atrophied , Thanks to Dr Emir Bacic , We are always fighting to save life .

It s a long way to recovery ! The fight is continues . So brave this doggy 
We will fight for our great fighter! We wish you will walk normal again !

After 22 day , he walked his first step   
1 year later : Diego now is adopted to his forever home but he can not walk normal again ... but he is happy in hiw new home .

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