Bilya, She Found a Happy Home After Being in A Coma on The Cold Street for Days


Meet Bilya, She is about 2 years old ! She was caught in a trap and tied by a wire of zinc

Bilya lay for 3 days on the street , She was in a coma and covered with snow .
a colunteer is trying to help her. She is still in a coma . We don't know what happened to this angel .

A volunteer helped and warmed Bilya, helping her to regain consciousness, Bilya was taken to vet , she was still in terrible pain .

Bilya have surgery to remove the wire from her thigh . Please sent prayer to this angel 

after the surgery Billy's mood isa very active, even very excited, she sleeps well all nights , may be that why she had strength an energy .

Bilya, the last stitches were removed and everything is healing wonderfully

The dog is young friendly , kisses a lot and gentle . Bilya is recovering everyday. 

She is better and she is living in love 

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