Dog Left At Road Stop Kept Chasing Trucks That He Thought He Recognized

 A canine abandoned at a truck stop in Bakersfield, California chased after volley exchanges allowing they were his family returning for him. Weston was abandoned in Bakersfield, California. A motel guest at the road stop had spotted the big canine and reached out to Danny from a A Safefurr Place. 

 When Danny went to help the canine, he learned that Weston had been there for months. The people told Danny that Weston was friendly and  motivated but veritably delicate to catch. 

 Danny allowed once he got a leash on Weston the deliverance would be over. But he made a terrible mistake and forgot to wrap the rope around his wrist. Weston plodded and bolted off. Danny went looking for Weston but he'd faded. 


 Danny helped Weston latterly that night was sad to substantiation Weston running after a volley truck. It was clear by his conduct that Weston had been abandoned by someone who drove a analogous truck. 

 Although Danny had helped Weston again, the canine no longer trusted him. But with a little help from a lady at the motel, Weston would eventually be saved. And formerly he was in safe hands and back at Danny’s sanctum, Weston showed why he merited to be saved and why he deserves a loving home. 

If you're interested in espousing Weston shoot an dispatch to word (at) Implicit adopters must live within 300  miles of Bakersfield, California. 



 Soon after Safefurr posted Weston’s story, he was featured on The Dodo’s “ Borrow Me!” series. He continued to do well in foster care but when he met Michaela and her canine Izzy they got on so well that it was ineluctable he'd go home with them! 

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