Dog Spent Months At Shelter Waiting For A Family Because Of His Nose

 Clefford was born with a cleft palate, and ended up on the thoroughfares with his family after they came homeless. They didn't have the means to get him the care and treatment he so desperately demanded, and ultimately they decided that the stylish thing to do would be to surrender Clefford to a sanctum or deliverance that could help give him the life he merited. 


 It was a heartbreaking decision, but his family brought him to Angell Animal Medical Center in the Boston area, and he was soon put up for relinquishment through MSPCA-Angell. *

Due to his cleft palate, Clefford could n’t eat regular kibble and demanded special food so that he would n’t hurt himself, but that noway sounded to get his spirits down. He remained sweet and positive throughout his stay at the deliverance, and veritably snappily came a staff and levy favorite — which is ultimately how he help his new pet. 


 Will Stoltenberg had been volunteering with the deliverance for about a time when Clefford was brought in, and from the moment he met Clefford, he absolutely fell in love with him. He began spending  time with Clefford as he could, and after a while, he realized that Clefford was meant to be his canine. 

“ As I would go around checking on the pets, I always notice myself coming back to his kennel to give him scrapes and tell him what a good boy he was,” Stoltenberg said. “ He has an contagious smile and always sounded happy to see me when I came . In the end I just had to borrow him. I wanted to give him the life he merited and months in a kennel was clearly not it.” 


 When Stoltenberg first brought Clefford home, he realized that Clefford’s tumultuous life had unfortunately made the sweet canine spooked of nearly everything. Buses, skateboards, women, motorcycles, vans, runners. — Clefford was spooked of all of them. His pater was patient with him, however, and over time, he tutored Clefford that the world is n’t as scary as he allowed it was. Now, over a time latterly, Clefford loves going for walks and chatting everyone and everything he passes. He’s converted into a fully different canine, and has indeed overcome some of his physical challenges as well. 

After four surgeries and lots of care and rest, Clefford’s split palate has shrunk down to just a bitsy hole in the roof of his mouth. He still looks a little different from utmost pets, with his crooked nose and the fact that his teeth are always showing, and occasionally people get a little nervous around him because of these effects. The further time they spend with him, however, the further they realize he’s the sweetest, friendliest canine around, and that he does n’t have a mean or scary bone in his entire body. 


 “ Clefford is a veritably sportful and loving canine and loves nothing further than to snare a toy and play with his favorite people,” Stoltenberg said. “ He'll also paw at you when he’s sleepy to let you know that he needs a mask to snuggle in.” 

Clefford may look a little different than utmost pets, but that has n’t braked him down in the least. He’s just a frothy, loving canine who wants nothing further than to be around the people he loves at all times, and he seems so thankful to his pater for giving him a alternate chance at life. 


 “ All the noises he makes are different from regular pets because of his cleft palate, but other than that he acts like just your average canine now,” Stoltenberg said. “ Thankfully Clefford has no idea that he's any different. In my eyes his story and unique face just make him a better doggy!” 

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