He Injured On The Street, Lurch & Collapsed In The Cold Snow


We got a call from a girl to rescue a dog that was shot in his mouth about 3 days .

His mouth was broken, part of his moth was missing .
Alabai was insteady , insteady with exhaustion.

Wound infection, he was nodding and scared in the cold snow. No one help him . All people are indifferent to this suffering soul .

Alabai is taken to the vet , he is receiving blood transfusion.
We promised that we will help him . He will stay in the vet for a while .

He is doing well , his health is better but he should stay in the clinic more days .

After 50 days , we can say he is in good health and he can back home .
Yes our home , we ll stay together. 

He is happy and he pass lot of time Playing and enjoying with his new family .


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