Puppies Rescued From Cave With Maggots, No Food and Water, motherless puppy

 Someone informed us about an small pup wounded around his stomach, so we went there and checked at that time he was outside the delve but we does not had anything in our hands to caught him. 

So we went back to home and took all necessary conditions like cloth, milk, bagetc. 


 We came back, by the time he entered to the delve and not coming outdoors. 

we pour a milk in a coliseum and placed outside the delve and awaited many hours. After many hours he came outside the delve, by the time we closed the delve with a rustic blocks. 



 And caught the pup and covered the crack with a cloth and took him to a veterinary clinic at Calicut. 

 Dr treated him and eventually we took pup into kokkachi's sanctum. 

"And he'll be a part of kokkachi family". 


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