Rescue Poor Dog Has A Huge Tumor Who Has Been Chained, Abandoned By On The Street

This is Chombito!  We have received a call to rescue and abandoned dog.

He has a giant tumor on his back. He was chained and abandoned by the side of the road.Chombito is trying to run away in vain ...

We have come a long way to rescue him.Immediately, we brought Chombito to the clinic. He was still very scared and didn't want to go with us. 

We waited for the X-ray and blood test results. 
Tomorrow ,he will have a surgery

The surgery was successful. The tumor has been removed. He will stay in the treatment clinic for a while.

Combito's wound began to heal...

Thank god for helping Chombito. Congratulations Chambito. He overcame all the hardships and had a happy home . 

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