Shelter dog left with a broken heart after being stood up by potential adopters

 "He got all excited and dressed up... and they never showed."

Poor Hendrix 😢💔  While it wasn't meant to be this time, we hope this poor dog will find a real forever home soon!

Every sanctum canine wants nothing further than to find their ever home. They ’re all just staying for that amazing day when they eventually get espoused and picked up by their new family. 


 But one poor canine’s excitement turned into heartache lately, after being stood up by implicit adopters — but the sanctum is still determined to find this long- staying canine a home. 

Hendrix, a 4- years-old Chinese Shar-Pei/ Staffordshire Bull Terrier blend, is the Kentucky Humane Society’s longest occupant. He was taken in last April and has awaited for months to find a home, watching as  other pets get espoused out rather of him. 



 But KHS has been trying hard to find a home for this “ incredibly smart, immensely pious, adorably ” canine. 

 “ He’s got the smile of a champion, the cuddling chops of a glutinous parent who can’t believe their baby is graduating high academy, the house- training capacities of an honor roll pupil who refuses to excuse themselves for a restroom break during class, and most importantly – the boy has heart,” KHS wrote on Facebook. 

 “ A big heart at that and he deserves for someone to love him the way we do.” 

KHS allowed they had eventually find a home for Hendrix lately, and arranged for the interested adopters to meet Hendrix — only to be dealt another disappointment and reversal. 


 Hendrix was eager to meet the new family, and “ got each agitated and dressed up.” But he was left agonized when the family didn’t indeed show up. 


 “ Hendrix is sad,” KHS wrote. “ Watching him stay excited for a family to come, only to be stood up, is ruinous. We can’t stand seeing our sweet boy sad.” 


 They participated a heartbreaking print of the canine, lying on the bottom, looking so disappointed 


 The print touched the hearts of suckers online, who wrote words of stimulant for the stood-up canine. 


 “ Hang in there Hendrix,” one person wrote. “ They just weren’t the right family for you. Your family will come.” 

 “ Sounds like to me they don’t earn you sweet boy!” another added. “ The right family will come on.” 


 But rebounding from this heartbreaking incident, KHS is more determined than ever to find Hendrix just the right home. 

 Hendrix needs to be in a home without pussycats, and  would be in a home where he's the only pet. But surely there has to be a home out there nearly for this sweet dog.


 “ All of us at the Kentucky Humane Society love Hendrix so much and we just want him to have a great life with someone who'll take care of him as much as we do,” the humane society wrote. 


 We feel so sorry for Hendrix after staying so long, he got his expedients up only to be stood-up at the last nanosecond. It’s clear they were n’t the family he deserves. 

But hopefully someone will be moved by Hendrix’s sad story and decide to borrow him for real! 

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