Small Puppies Were Freezing With White Gums Clinging To Life But Fighting


These two puppies belonged to a homeless man who got arrested yhis morning, they were freezing by the time. 

they arrived to someone who helped stabilize them . THe new babies are vey vritical w e don't have much help but we re going to give them the best shot at recovering . they're almost to virgie 24 / 7 and we name them donny and marie .  donnie and marie are now virgi 24/ 7 .

 their pravo negative glucose vitals and temps are surprisingly normal. they re laterally recumbent though they're going to do blood work but they're still  pretty critical 

Day one :  donny and marie made it through the night ,their vitals  blood work and temps were normal upon arrival yesterday .  Last night, Donny was pretty inactive and Marie was moving around and making noises but today ,Donny is more active than Marie . They re both holding their own , no interest in eating , or bottle feeding so they've okaced NG tubes in both pups .

Day 3 : Donny and Marie are still hanging in there.  Danny hasn't had another seizure since starting him on Keppra .. both Donny and Marie will be getting another blood transfusion today .

Day 5  : Donny and Marie discharged Vergi 24/7 day . Marie had some seizure like activity today. she whined and then her arms went stiff but she didn't convulse and Donny has been acting completely normal. We will be getting both of them in  a neurology consult .

These little babies made it this far, so we are hoping they continue to thrive !   They have good appetites so there're that !  We are continuing to pray for Donnie and Marie .

Day 26 : They're about 6 weeks old now and doing so wel ! 
They are definitely Pittie mixes and neither are displaying neurological issues anypore .

Found along with a homeless man's belongings after his arrest, these guys were clining to life.
They were freesing with white gums and we were so worried for them .  We didn't think these guys woul pull through but they sure did fight hard .

Now they are fully healthy and ready for adoption.