Someone did punch Willie apparently in the throat He can barely breathe and absolutely frightened!

Have you ever gotten frenetic enough that you just want to punch someone in the throat? Well someone did punch Willie supposedly in the throat and as you can see from the videotape he can slightly breathe. He's at the exigency vet tonight. 

I'm staying to see what they've to say but he may need exigency surgery. He's absolutely alarmed. In addition he has a terrible black rash on his casket and some type of lump on his stomach. 


 The sanctum said no one could touch him but he let me shortly before he'd a full blown freak out which caused him to really struggle to breathe so we will stay on petting him until he's ready. 

the ER vet has really plodded with Willie because he's so alarmed that every time they approach him he has a fear attack and stops breathing. 


 They've hung in there and moment were suitable to get blood work which was good and they were suitable to get him under anesthesia so that they could see the full extent of the damage. We learned that he was demurred veritably hard. He's oppressively bruised from his throat all the way through his trachea into his casket down to the top of his legs internally. 

The croaker moment is veritably concerned that surgery may fail causing scar towel that will actually make effects worse so she has suggested that we leave him in the sanitarium to rest and get IV specifics. He's not eating so this seems to be the stylish way to give him drug right now. 



 The vet said he's a veritably broken little canine who really doesn't respond to them. They've wrapped his neck to keep it stable. 
We still have a long way to go. Keep soliciting! 

 wrapped his neck to keep it stable. 

We still have a long way to go. Keep soliciting! 

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