The heartbreaking moment a dog lies by the body of its dead owner who has been hit by a train

 These heartbreaking images show a pious canine sitting coming to the body of its proprietor who failed after being hit by a train. 


 The 57- years-old victim, named Victor Reyna Vazquez, had reportedly been drinking near the train tracks when he was run over by a train and killed in the early hours of the morning. 

 Exigency crews check the victim's canine there were reports that the beast had to be forcefully removed from the scene. 


 Reports state the canine indeed tried to suck one of the police officers and paramedics who tried to take it down from its proprietor. 

The incident took place on the train tracks of Montemorelos, in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. 

 Original residers claim the canine's proprietor was an alcoholic and that his pet had accompanied him for several times. 

It's not good if the canine has been put into a sanctum although social media druggies have called for it to be espoused.

 One social media stoner,'Marychuy Zamarron', wrote'We've a lot of effects to learn from creatures, and now I wonder who's further brutish, them oru.'