These men reunited a dog family after a landslide

a dog was buried in mud after landslide...and desperately cried for help. THe rain was pouring a few days earlier ...and caused the heavy soil to trap the dog .

Three men located the dog ...and decided to take action.They uses a spade to dig deep into the ground pull up the dog.They had to be careful not to hurt the dog 

After thery managed to free the dog...The men got a surprise ..When they found two newborn puppies in the mud . The poor puppies were completely covered in dirt ...and the man used a piece of fabric to clean them. 

The tiny puppies must have been born very recently and probably wouldn't have made it without the rescuers'effort.

The man gently washed the puppies with water... and made sure all three dogs were alright.The mother was waiting nearby...eager to reunite with her babies.

The man put the puppies in the dry and warm them.Afterwards the dog and her puppies took cover...and were finally safe at last. 

The dog rested underneath the small house...While the newborn puppies nursed on her .The kindhearted men saved three innocent lives and brought the family back together.

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