Abandoned pit bull now lives her best life with the firefighters who rescued found her in a snowstorm

 There’s a hole bull named Ashley who unfortunately ended up under the care of people who were rather reckless. They hardly fed her, and they did n’t always take her out. 



 She was indeed left outdoors in a storm. The poor girl. 

 The cofounder of No Further Pain Rescue, Erica Mahnken along with her fiancé, Michael Favor, luckily help Ahsley in January 2017. 


 “ We got a phone call from notoriety that there was a couple living in an abandoned house,” Mahnken told The Dodo. “ They had no heat or electricity, and they had a canine there.” 


 “ I guess they went to find nearly warm to stay, and they had left the canine before. So as soon as we got the phone call, we ran and got her,” Mahnken said. 

 The couple drove to Ashley’s position and formerly there, Favor asked Mahnken to stay in the auto. 


 Mahnken soon plant out that there was no electricity, and it was indurating outside. Ashley did n’t have food or water moreover. 


 Thankfully, Ashley was unharmed. And as soon as Favor walked her out of the home, the canine could n’t hide her excitement. 

“ She came running down, super happy,” Mahnken recalled. “ She jumped straight into my auto.” 



 Ashley was thin and glutted, and her caricatures stuck out of her skin. She was 25 pounds light during her scan with egregious signs of physical trauma. 


 Ashley could n’t stay in as they did n’t exactly have a place in the sanctum, so Mahnken and Favor plant her a foster home. Good thing they had friendsv in the New York City Fire Department. 

Fort Pitt station formerly had a canine, so the couple asked the firefighters if they could take Ashley until they could find her a good home. 


 “ As soon as she walked into the firehouse, her tail was wagging, and she was licking and chatting everybody,” Mahnken said. “ She was super happy. From where she came from, you would n’t really anticipate that. You would suppose that she ’d be a little skittish, but she was n’t at all.” 

 “ I ’m so glad we got her into a home that will show her nothing but love, and not make her into the hole bull that people love to detest so snappily,” Mahnken said. “ It was an unthinkable feeling to know that that’s where she belonged.” 

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