Cop Adopts Dog Whose Own Owner Tried To Break Her Neck And Brutally Murder Her

 An Ohio woman was transferred behind bars for 180 days following her gut- wrenching act of atrocity toward her own canine, Honey. 

 22  years old Diamond Owens was frustrated over Honey’s repeated inclination to “ bite” her swain. She broke Honey’s neck in a ruthless attempt to kill her, and also discarded her in the dumpster once she was induced the canine was dead. 

 A conservation worker plant Honey’s limp-but- still- breathing body and advised the authorities. The officers at Copley Police Department were suitable to deliver Honey and get her the medical attention she demanded. 

 During examinations, Diamond confessed to hurting Honey, but defended herself saying that she didn't have enough plutocrat to get her euthanized. 


 With Diamond being doomed to captivity, the bobbies began taking care of Honey while she mended at the sanitarium. 

When a kind-hearted officer named Chris Santimarino began visiting Honey to keep tabs on her recovery, he inescapably fell in love with her. 


 By the time the 1- year -old canine’s injuries healed, Chris had formerly made up his mind to borrow the little titlist! 



 Honey was visibly thankful to have a new family and a safe home with her guardian angel pater. With her agitation and precariousness eventually gone, she bloomed into the gentlest and friendliest canine with a partiality for cuddles and belly aggravations! 


 Chris is enraptured to be the one to give Honey a beautiful new life after her disturbing history. Despite enduring sick trauma with her former proprietor, Honey trusts Chris with her life and noway leaves his side. 


 What an innocent and forgiving squeeze! We thank Chris for opening his heart to Honey and giving her the life she deserves! 

 Click the video below to watch Honey’s miraculous deliverance story after she survived the vicious murder attempt. 

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