Disabled Puppy Kneeling And Begging For Help From Passersby After Being Dumped On The Street


We were driving on th road and all of a sudden, wa saw the baby being thrown on the street. I don't understand why that gentleman raised his hand and threw the disabled puppy tp death and slept peacefully .

The bow is on his knees begging you for help , can you hold the tears ?

Here is a little boy, 6 months old thin and unhappy . The pappy is named Tom. He is as cheerful and kind as the sun . Tom's front legs are completely deformed, he had endured a lot of pain .

unfortunately ,he was not eating , maube he was stressed or maybe a poisonous tick bit him .I can't even imagine how difficult it is for him to walk. 
the local doctors refused it, saying gives small cheese and they said everything would pass. I earlly want to give him the chance to live a good life .

He was a conderful boy , affectionate,king and very atrractive to people. 

we passed to another vet clinic where the good boy did a surgery .

the results were pocitive and the boy recovers and send a kiss to all.

He is living in love


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