Dog Risked His Life Jumping on the Subway Tracks to save His Blind Owner’s Life

A dog risked his life to jump off the tracks to save his blind owner's life just before the subway arrived in Manhattan in New York City - USA.

Despite being passed by a train above them,Mr. Cecil Williams, 61, and his canine Orlando were fortunately unharmed. This phenomenon brings an end to a delicate period in Mr. Williams' life, which began when he was suddenly shocked and fell into the tracks on his way to the dentist. 

"Orlando tried to hold me back and save my life,"Mr Williams said. The canine didn't vacillate to jump down after him when he fell. 

 Orlando jumped down and tried to wake Mr Williams up indeed as the train approached, according to Matthew Martin, who witnessed the incident"The canine kissed the proprietor and tried to drag him out of peril."


 The train motorist was advised by substantiations, who requested that the train be braked down. Fortunately, both fell into the track's fosse and survived.Mr. Williams was taken to the sanitarium by paramedics on the scene, and Orlando wasn't seriously hurt. 

 Mr Williams is still doubtful why he passed out on the tracks, but believes it was a drug side effect. Despite his serious injuries, he felt safe because he'd a pious canine by his side. 

 Orlando is Mr. Williams' alternate companion canine. He has been eyeless since 1995. do. Orlando is really a idol and a pious canine. 

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