Five times stabbed police dog gets a hero’s welcome as he returns to duty after recovery.

 Police pets do great work. They selflessly serve in different examinations and are able to do much further than humans. For illustration, they track down missing people by their scent and also chase down suspects. In a judgment, they cover us with any price. 


 Putting their lives at threat describes these pious pets. A analogous incident happed a many months ago when a police canine was injured during his duty. Fortunately, he recovered and got a warm hello back to his duties. 

 His name is Kaiser. The canine was on duty with his tutor when the officer got a call about a home raider in London. 
When they reached the scene, Kaiser took the pincher down but sorely he was picked several times by the fortified felonious. 

 It’s inconceivable that indeed being injured, the canine kept holding the suspect. 

 Reluctantly, the cuts were n’t so serious, and soon the canine recovered. Only two months after the incident the canine went back to hiswork.Kaiser was given a toy as a sign of hello back! The Sutton Police said that Kaiser was “ simply thrilled” by the gift. 
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