Golden Dog Rejoices, Tears Non-Stop When Meeting Owner Again After 5 Years Away

 Because he could not go to take care of him, the man had to give the Golden canine for other, and the day he met the canine, the old proprietor broke down with the canine's response. 



 Golden Dog Rejoices, GashesNon-Stop When Meeting Proprietor Again After 5 Times Down 1 

.The man participated that about 5 times agone, when he just graduated from academy, he was fortunate to be accepted to work in a foreign company with an ideal payment. At that time, the man rented a house by himself and espoused a golden canine. 


 When he first moved to his new home, the Golden Dog was only a many months old, but he was veritably smart, the proprietor only demanded to educate a many times that he could learn incontinently. This makes the man veritably fond of this little canine. Still, what makes him love this canine indeed more is because the canine is veritably tender and it seems to understand what he's saying. 


 Every night when he comes home from work, as soon as he opens the door to the house, he's always warmly ate by the little canine. When he's angry, the Golden canine becomes a “ friend” for him to entrust in and becomes a small spiritual support for him. I do n’t know if the canine understood what he said, but every time he patiently sat down to hear to his passions. 

 Just Suppose that life will be like this ever, but “ happy days are short and not bad”. After 3 years of peace, “ storms” hit. The company he's working for is veritably cold, and his loved one is in need of a large sum of plutocrat. The love story was also not favorable because the plutocrat he saved was used up to treat his favored bones. Thus, the plan to marry the girl he loved for numerous times was also ruined, both of them after a quick communication. 


 The wind and swells suddenly came, causing the man to fall into depression. The shock of the love story made him unfit to get up and no longer had the mind to go earn plutocrat. Severance made him unfit to go to rent a whole house by himself and live in the precious megacity as ahead. 

In the end, he'd no choice but to decide to move to another megacity and partake a room with a friend. Still, due to the sharing, he's no longer good to take care of the Golden canine as ahead. Although he did n’t want to, he ended up giving the canine to a friend. 


 Golden Dog Rejoices, GashesNon-Stop When Meeting Proprietor Again After 5 Times Down 3 because he couldn't go to take care of him, the man had to give the Golden canine so that he could have a better life.

 After 5 years of hard work, his life is eventually stable again. This time, on the occasion of Tet vacation, he decided to visit his friend and also to see the situation of the old Golden canine. 


 The canine’s response makes the proprietor dumbfounded 

When the Golden Dog saw the man, he didn't bark like usual, rather he sluggishly approached the old proprietor. It seems that the canine realized that the old proprietor had raised him, so he snappily wrapped his arms around his legs, also rejoiced and criednon-stop. 

The response of the Golden canine touched everyone present, but the man was silent in remorse because of remorse. He felt shamefaced because he did n’t take good care of the canine in the history and left him. 


 The friend participated with him that the Golden canine used to stop eating for numerous days when he first moved to a new house. At that time, his friend tried to communicate him but could not. Fortunately, about 3 months latterly, the Golden canine started to get used to and eat again. 

With every canine, the proprietor is always their whole world. No matter how important it changes to a new proprietor and how much better life is, the canine will always remember the possessors who used to give them so important love no matter how long they're piecemeal. 


 Thus, suppose precisely before giving your canine down or dealing it to someone differently, because they will really be veritably sad and miss you so much. 

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