He was treated like trash... Now he's someone's treasure...

Piglet was found in a bin at a high school with his ears recently removed, and someone just had to have him!

 Residers in Sacramento plant this pup in a caddy at a high academy, and his cognizance had lately been cut off. He was thrown out like trash, but these people took him in for help. 


 That’s when the Public Information Fellow of the Front Street Animal Shelter heard about the canine … 


 After seeing him, she just had to bring Piglet in as a foster. At first the doggy just sounded so sad and disconnected, 

 but soon he'd show trust in his foster mama and let his personality shine! 

Piglet went from being in pain to bouncing around the house, and also it was time to come someone’s ( ever) treasure! 🙂 

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