Heartbroken over puppy begging passersby to save his siblings in freezing weather

 People came across a puppy all days and no one care, every time he saw someone passing by, he stood up and wagged his tail and waited for help, he lay on the cold snow with faith and waited...

The place there call home , was a cardboard box who abandoned them left behind , and inside there were 3 other puppies lying exhausted .

when we got home , I warmed them up and fed them . Their bodies were full of ticks that were sucking blood .

I didn't bathe them then because they couldn't stand water and stress yet . We came to the vet late at night, fortunately the doctor was stil there .
The doctor started giving first aid to the puppies one by one, and did tests.

We use temporary antiseptic spray to reduce itching ans scratching , it would make the puppies more comfortable .

all of them were given eyes drops and infusion by the doctor. The doctor said that I was very lucky to be there at the right time because just let them stay there for a little longer, they will be in danger .

Who left them there? So where was the mother ?.....no one know the answers .

after 3 days , their condition was much better. They were able to wald around the vet to explore everything .
Sometimes I wondered how long have they been out there ? 

What helped them survive under that weather and without food .God protected them and gave them strngth to make it through . So that we could see them healthy and happy right . They would grow up quickly and become beatiful boys and girls .