His Owner Rolled The Car Window Down & Slammed His Little Body Onto Concrete

 A horrible person threw a pup from an auto window while speeding down the road. No one has any idea why or how this person could be that wrong. 

By the time someone help the pup, he was on the concrete writhing in pain. He called out and cried in the most heartbreaking way. Thankfully someone heard him! 

His poor head hit the concrete so hard that the pain was unsupportable. He'd to get to the veterinary clinic as presto as possible. 

A Good Samaritan brought a mask and a handbasket and placed the pup precisely outside. It was time to drive him to the clinic. The poor baby cried the whole way there. 

The vet and his staff were surprised by what happend to the little pup. He was so youthful and had formerly suffered so much. His head injury was veritably serious. 

He'd need to be watched precisely. The vet said his odds of surviving were n’t in his favor, but he was going to do all he could to save his life. 

The clinic has veritably limited coffers. As the pup took a turn for the worse and demanded supplemental oxygen, they made him the perfect oxygen mask from a saline bottle. The vet sedated the doggy so he could sleep as important as possible. 



 The coming day he woke up feeling much better. His condition is still touch-and- go but everyone is doing all they can to save his life. The vet and his staff are giving him pain meds and he’s noway alone at the clinic. 


 The pup continues to fight so hard and could use all of our prayers. Can you shoot some his way? To see his deliverance, check out the videotape below. Thank you to his saviors and medical staff! 

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  • Unknown
    Unknown April 14, 2022 at 10:51 PM

    Hope the little puppy survives how can his owner do that to him


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