Loyal Labrador Dog With Skinny Body Waiting For Owner to Return in Loneliness and Despair

 A girl from pokhrofskoy richardalovsky ukraine transferred a facebook communication to a original pet sanctum she said that near her house an proprietor left for a month, the proprietor of this house left two poor pets chained lately. 



 This girl bill's name is xenia discovered a rotten smell in this house of course she was blamed a lot xenia panics and deletes the post. 



 The deliverer platoon of that original sanctum didn't have any information, no address, no phone number, and after they saw the  images, they were determined to find to help these two pets. 



 After nearly three hours of driving and canvassing people they came to that house. After breaking the cinch they've access to the house a terrible rotten smell was drifting up, unfortunately one baby didn't survive. 


 the other was a labrador, he was only bones and terrible sick, he was starved for days, he cried a lot and his gashes are still flowing. Perhaps he was veritably sad. He was spooked and did not dare look at deliverer. 

 They named him Boss. 


 The exhausted baby was being carried in the auto to vet, Boss is being checked after the blood transfusion the baby will be watched for at the Warhorse for a while.

 Boss is transubstantiating every day, he was discharged and ate at a new home, he's looking for a happy home. 

 Boss was espoused by a family in kiev, Boss's great trip has begun. 



 Now is the time when we look forward to seeing this angel's happy days. Boss is veritably handsome he loves everything he has a perfect family. 


"We thank his new family so much we will always miss you Boss"

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