Policeman Risks His Live To Save Dog Trapped By Raging Fire

 A bobby's job is frequently described as"to serve and cover"and an officer in Mexico lately instanced those duties by putting pet's safety before his own. 

 Before this month, Mexico's Federal Police participated dramatic footage of an officer delivering a fended-in canine from a raging fire. 

 In the video, the officer can be seen blarneying the supposedly frighted canine before picking her up and pulling her to safety. 


"When doing our work we're faced with different challenges," wrote the Federal Police on Facebook," always aimed at guarding life."

 Authorities participated no other details about the deliverance, but the agency's affinity for pets is apparent on social media. 


 Assigned with fighting Mexico's medicine syndicates, the Federal Police make expansive use of discovery pets like Simón, a golden retriever lately featured on the agency's Twitter account. 

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