Rabbit takes in stray puppies, cares for them, and feeds and warms them

 A woman formerly saw a massive hole near her home. A rabbit bounded out of the hole as she got closer. A rabbit had gone missing from a ranch two country miles from the agreement, according to the woman. 

This rabbit, it appears, shoveled a hole and made its home near her house. The woman started feeding the rabbit, who was veritably trusting of her. It was good enough for the rabbit to live unfettered in a hole. 

One of the colder days, the woman noticed a huge canine near the hole. She was scarified for the bunny’s survival. But she was taken suddenly when she discovered the canine and the rabbit caching in the same burrow. 



 The woman soon noticed small puppies in the hole as she looked into it. The woman, on the other hand, is more concerned. The pet area has expanded. She was now feeding both the rabbit and the puppies. 



 When the canine failed to appear one day, the woman discovered she had been shot. 

 The long-eared one took care of the puppies after the catastrophe. He kept an eye on the puppies, refusing to allow them leave the hole, and protecting off interested pussycats. 


 The rabbit didn't let the puppies corrupt in severe frosts because he kept them warm and defended them.