Rescue An Adorable Puppy Who Was Abandoned And Very Hungry Then Become My Adopted Son


we are the animal rescue team,  when we recieve information about abandoned or sick little animals, we always do our best to help them 

the story of rescuing the poor puppy abandoned by the owner of the house and  chained 

We took care of the puppy , he was tired , sad and hungry .
we gave him food but he didn't eat to much ,later We took it to the vet to confirm that he is okey . he is in good health nut his heart was broken because he stay alone there .

I decided to take care of this little puppy and give him the love he need .

After many days , he is in better conditions and he start playing and moving around 

thank you for always supporting our animal rescue team  , please always follow and support us to give us the courage to keep helping animals 

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