Rescue Dog Helps Guy Recover From Addiction By Becoming His Mountain Buddy

 PJ spends every weekend out in the great outside with his deliverance canine, Clove. Whether rain, snow, sleet, or shine, the brace love being outdoors, and do everything together. 


 Since coming together, the brace have experienced a remarkable metamorphosis, and they both have a new parcel on life. 

 Because when PJ first decided to look for a canine, he'd recovered from an extremely grueling period of his life, when he was just out of recovery for drinking and medicines. 

 He went onto Facebook one day and saw a picture of Clove, a canine who had been pulled from a kill sanctum by a deliverance group. She was in a bad way and demanded a home, and PJ was incontinently drawn to her. 


 As soon as he'd moved into his new place, he arranged a meeting with Clove and took her home. In the first many days, she was reserved, lacking in confidence, and doubtful of her new terrain. 

 But that did n’t worry PJ, as he allowed her as important time as she demanded to acclimatize to her new home. 

 When PJ took Clove out on her first walk, he realized that she just adored being outdoors, and she was like a different canine entirely from the bone that he picked up from the sanctum. 


 He used this as provocation to start exploring the great outside with clove, and they planned passages into the forestland and up mountains, as a way of exploring the world in each other’s company. 


 But most importantly, their passages helped them to heal. They had both gone through incredibly tough ages of their lives independently, and coming together gave them the chance to bond and start life each over again with one another. 


 They ’ve climbed innumerous mountains together, including Mount Elbert in Colorado, which is the loftiest mountain in the United States that a canine can actually stand on. 

And Clove indeed helped PJ meet his new mate Racheal, and the two have continued their love for the great outside in her company. 


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