Rescue The Poor Little Dog That Was In An Accident On The Highway. Miracle Of God


We are the animals rescue team 
When we recieve information about abanded or sick animal, we always do our best to help .

Rescue a poor little dog in a traffic accident, the man who stabbed the dog asked us to help the dog .

We did our best there to help , but the little dog need more treatment so we took him to the vet clinic .

Where he got treatment , and have a rest .

Later we took care of his body , we cleaned and play with him . To get a positive energy because he was afraid.

Now ,he is in better condition, he start playing and enjoying his time here .

Hope we can help all the animals who need help.

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  • Anonymous December 27, 2022 at 5:48 PM

    Thank you so much for helping that precious baby


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