Stray dog suffered pain long time with huge tumor on back got saved by kind woman Amazing Transform

I got a call about a poor stray dog with big tumor wandering ? I go to there to help and finally I got her . this poor dog who have a huge tumour may be 6 kilograms of tumour .

I manage to catch her after a long fight and run after her through all the bushes and thorns from fields . she even I gave tranquline to make her sleepy ,she gave hard moments . I had to run over 1000 metrees into bushes .

it was a huge danger because he could fall into a hole beeing sleepy. She tried to bit me beeing so scared.

but finally I catched her, she is safe and on the way to a vet. I name her Bunica , the vet programmed an urgent  syrgery to  Bunica .

after 2 days ,she had her surgery and we hope she will be ok after and we wait the results of the biopsy .

after a week , The surgery is done success , now the wounds is healing in good progress . after 3 weeks ,  Bunica now is in good health, ready to go home . she is in better condition .

After 2 months , Bunica now is  in home and ready for adopt .She is beatiful now , I hope her be adopt and have a happy life. thanks

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