The little dog was thrown into the landfill by someone in a state of exhaustion

 We are a rescue animal team

when we receive an information about an abandoned or sick little animal we do our best to help .

We received a call to rescue a poor puppy , someone wrapped iron around the dog and threw it in the landfill .

He was in bad condition, we went there to the landfill to help the dog .

We took him from that horrible place and we test his legs to confirm that he can walk . He was okey but the iron around him was painful . 

We did our best to put off the iron , that was difficult but after trying many times , we succeeded . 

We put off the iron , we give him a relaxing shower and food to eat . Later we played with him to give him the love he need .

Now he is in better condition , looking for a new owner who ll give him the love he need .

Thanks for all you support 

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