Tiny Pup, The Last Survivor Of Her Litter, Found Struggling Alone On The Road

 A little pup was plant in the thoroughfares in serious need of help.

 The poor girl was dehydrated and sponger ridden all while fighting mange and tick suck fever. Fortunately, she'd be saved on an outreach program and taken in by Sidewalk Specials to get the care she so desperately demanded. 

 As the last pup alive of her group, she demanded a phenomenon in order to not end up like the others. The canine was taken to the sanitarium for treatment where she was girdled by love and people who watch for the first time in her life. And it did the trick! 


 Moment, Twiglet has a loving mama and pater who are tutoring her how to be a pet in her amazing ever home! The doggy is living it up and thankful she ’ll noway find herself alone in the world ever again. 

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