Ukrainian vet refuses to leave and opens an animal hosp.ital in her apartment

 She has up to 70 animals in her home sometimes

Good is born when people forget about themselves … 

 Such a stalwart and lovely woman, further people like her demanded in this world. Keep up the amazing work and hope you stay safe. 

Since the launch of the (, youthful veterinarian Paulina has stayed behind to help take care of pets at need.


 She continues to help the (inn.ocent) souls who need her help. She opened a make- shift ( beasthos.pital) in her apartment, and has up to 70 pets under her roof at any one time! 

 There are so numerous pets that need her help. She operates those who need (em.ergencysurg.eries) in her living room, and gives the others a place to rest and stay safe until further help arrives. 


 Paulina is in touch with a sanctum in Poland who regularly travels to Ukraine to take some of the pets off her hands. When she’s ready toeva.cuate, they will help her find a place to stay in Poland. 


 You're a true Idol …! Who put themselves in (dan.ger) to help those who need her most! 

 We feel so sorry for what all the people and their faves, who are family members, are going through! 

 Thank you so much for helping these precious faves! 

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