“Ukrainian” woman leads disabled and senior Dogs to safety

She's stalwart! So thankful for similar loving and humane people in this world.



 Nastya Tikhaya, who helps run a pet sanctum her parents enjoy in the city of Irpin, near “ Kyiv”, is being hailed a idol for helping  “di.sab.led” souls escape the “w.ar”. 






 Along with her hubby, Arthur Lee, she's helping   pets which re “left behind” by their possessors as well as homeless pets cross the border into “ Poland”. 


 her leading of several pets is the description of unconditional love. 








 Utmost of the pets were moreover (di.sab.led) or seniors and (ex.hau.sted) by the trip. They demanded to be carried across the swash after walking several country miles. Some of the elderly faves were  abandoned by their families as they  fled, but Nastya and her hubby “refused” to leave them before. 








 Their work is far from over. 


 Nastya pleads for help as the couple continues to deliver pets and pussycats from the thoroughfares and arrange transportation to “ Poland”. 




 Multitudinous pets and pussycats are safe in “ Poland” thanks to the stalwart couple and innumerous levies. They were taken in by harbors and some of the pets have indeed been reunited with their possessors. 






 So stalwart and devoted by her love for all these pets. We hope she finds further people to partake in her care and devotion in chancing these pets a place of safety. Love her frippery ❤ ❤️ ♥ 








 Thank you so much for delivering these precious angels and leading them to safety! 


 So awful to read stories of deliverances similar as this ❤️ Thank You so veritably important for your compassion, kindness and caring. 


 You're a Idol! ❤️ ❤️ 🙏 








 May you all stay safe. 


 Bless her 1000 times over! Keep her safe, Lord, and give her all the faith and courage she'll need to save these beautiful and innocentcre.atures. 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 


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