17-Year-Old Dog Seeks Forever Home After Former Owners Requested She Be Euthanized

 One 17- years-old canine from Fort Worth, Texas is chancing herself in a veritably delicate position after her former possessors girdled her with a request that she be euthanized.


 The deliverance that took the canine, named Daisy, in refused the euthanasia request. Saving Hope Rescue felt that she had too important good life left in her still. 

While that’s fortunate for Daisy, it does leave her in a sticky situation In need of an ever home. 



 The deliverance posted on Facebook, saying 

 “ Meet Daisy! Daisy is 17 years old and was surrendered as a euthanasia request still that was DENIED and she has proven to still have some good life left in her. She's vetted and heartworm negative. She's trained to use restroom pads. Daisy loves to go outdoors still only under close supervision due to her size and the fact that she's deaf. Daisy would do stylish in a home without small children still she's canine and cat friendly.” 

 Elderly pets frequently spend far too long in harbors and at deliverances because people conclude for the youngish tpets or the puppies. While it’s accessible why people want youngish pets , the deliverance is hoping that a family will step up and see the beauty of espousing a elderly doggy like Daisy. 


 Anyone interested in espousing Daisy can fill out an operation. 

 We'd like to take this time to wish Daisy all of the best in her trip. Elderly tpets aren't always given the proper chance to enjoy their final times, so we're hoping that this story has a different ending. 

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