A Disabled Puppy’s Tears Of Thanks For Being Helped For The First Time In Her Life

The poor little girl had her legs crushed and her owners whom she loved so much did not want her anymore so they dumped her. She lost everything because of them, even she lost faith in people.

This heartbreaking story of ASKIM , she was served two legs in pain and despair.

looking at Askim's wounds , I could not hold back my tears, I was too merciul for this little angel 

The poor little girl had her legs crushed by an owner whom she loved so much . she lost everything because o this man.she lost faith in people.Luckily,Askim's was rescued and the appetite was excellent. 

However, she's still strong as a warrior...after being taken to VET, doctores cleaned the wound and bandaged it carefully,

 I spent a lot o time looking after her.I didn't even leave Askin alone for ear o her pain . Today , I have another kid, that is Askim .

After 2 months of continuous treatement, Askim is now better . she can walk on two legs . she lost two legs but she is happy . she is very riendly to everyone... She was really happy with us .