'Angel' Spotted Saving A Stray Dog On Her Way Home From School

 Last week, on a moist and gloomy day, Mayane Rodrigues noticed some thing lovely appear backyard the window of her condominium in Brazil.

From a distance, on the road below, Rodrigues noticed a younger female stopping on the wet sidewalk whilst strolling domestic from school. She’d set down her umbrella, took off her backpack and then eliminated her jacket.

Then Rodrigues seen a sopping-wet stray domestic dog at the girl’s ft — and realized it was once all for her.

Rodrigues watched as the female cradled the canine in her hands and endured on her way. To her, she used to be like an angel

“It all came about so quickly. It used to be very emotional,” Rodrigues instructed The Dodo. “I despatched the video to a buddy who, shared it to a local group, and then I determined out who the angel was.”

Her title is Cibely Stiegelmair. She’s 12 years old. And that day, she saved a life.

“I was once startled when she arrived with the domestic dog due to the fact she was once very sweaty and moist from the rain,” Rejane Stiegelmair, Cibely’s mom, informed The Dodo. “There used to be blood on her shirt. I thinking she had been hurt, however she informed me she determined the doggy injured.”

Fortunately, the domestic dog wasn’t too badly hurt. It used to be nothing that a little love and care couldn’t heal.

Having considered the doggy there all alone, Cibley knew she had to provide it herself.

"Cibely has a very exact heart. She feels very sorry for stray dogs," Rejane said. "If she ought to convey them all home, she would."

The dog, whom Cibely named Pretinha, has been welcomed into the family's domestic with open arms.

No one is aware of for positive how Pretinha got here to be stranded on the sidewalk that day, however one factor is clear — thanks to Cibely, her future has by no means appeared brighter.

"As parents, we are proud of Cibely and continually have been," her mother said. "But now we're even greater so!" 

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